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How Studying Abroad Will Change Your Life for Good!

Because change is all one needs... And studying abroad, is a life-changing change! 😉

Take the most awesome scenic selfies & make your friends jealous!

Walking on the Canadian autumn leaves, skiing along New Zealands snowy mountains, chilling on the beaches of Miami or Sydney, posing at the backdrop of Vegas casinos, skydiving somewhere in Europe get the drift? Everyone wants this life! & studying abroad IS your ticket to it! In short YOU take the selfies, and all your friends back home are a little more jealous! Sounds like a fab plan! What say! #MySuperLife

Lost in Travel, Found in Travel!

Picture this.. You land on your choice of destination for studies.. And BOOM! The gates to travel and explore all the amazing destinations youve always dreamt of stand right there, all open for you! The best things about studying abroad apart from studying, is the fact that you get to explore so many new places! No book in the whole wide world and the world wide web will ever teach you what travel does! Losing yourself to travel, experience various laws of lands, meeting new people, witnessing monumental wonders, is a blessing in every way! So lose yourself to travel, but find yourself out of it, just in time to attend class or submit that pending assignment. And Find your true self on the way to it!
PS: The student discounts on airfare and hotels never hurt, do they! 😉 #LostAndFound

Happy Independence Day!

Theres no better feeling than managing your life all by yourself! You are the be-all-end-all, solely responsible for all that you do. No pressures, no dramas. The sheer joy of spending your hard- earned money (buying things that you otherwise never could as a dependent on your parents), looking after your own house, studying whenever necessary, managing your finances, the liberty of choosing friends and associates, zero familial pressures (attend this wedding and that!), watching that late night movie with your homies, just picking up that bag and heading to explore a new place... and so much more! Study abroad once, and Happy Independence Day! #FreedomFancies

Multi-tasking Mafia!

Doing your own laundry (and surfing the internet while you wait the dryer to beep), working on study projects, attending classes, working part-time, paying bills on time, cooking meals, weekend room clean-ups, chilling with friends, planning your next holiday, updating social media, FaceTime-ing mom dad. Huh! Its not called Mafia for nothing! Get it! #DIYchamp

The multi-cultural you!

As an international student, you will come across fellow students hailing from varied ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Hanging out with them, working together on assignments, joining them on festivities, all of this brings you closer to so many different ideas and ways of life. You become more attuned to what the world really is like and how its the most amazing place to be in! What you learn with your these friends, is for keeps! For all those who are not-so outgoing, may be a WhatsApp to your American/Chinese friend would also do the works! Theyll make sure you pop out of that bed, and if you dont, may be join you there for some Netflix and popcorn! #CulturesMakethMan

Move over Ive found newer interests!

Theres so many things you probably never got a chance to do in your home country. Living abroad lets you do things you never thought of or were of interest to you. With so much time at your disposal even after a days work, unleashing your inner Yeti in a ski session, learning a new language, a friendly football game, a hike, or enjoying specific forms of entertainment like world cinema, plays, concerts, dance duties et al. are so much fun! Harnessing a hobby or interest will only shape up a cooler you, channelizing your energies in the best possible way! #HobbyBaby

You Study & You Learn!

Its very simple. You enroll in foreign university/college and get to know all the basics. Not just about your course, but how the systems in the host country work, how people function, what they expect from you, what can you expect from them, how cultures and traditions work and the sundry. Well, atleast get to know the emergency numbers, in case your friend passes out after a rough night! 😉 Surrender yourself to the education system of your host country and youll learn a lot. #ExpectTheUnexpected

Ill be there for you..!! Friends for a lifetime!

Leaving most of your besties back in your hometown could be a tough thing to do. But lets not be a crybaby here please! Leave the sobbing at the airport! Studying abroad, teaches you the foremost lesson of learning to let go its only when you let go a little, you gain a lot more! Your journey in this alien land will become super thrilling with the bunch of new friends you make. Make loads of them! Not all will stick along, but a few are enough to last a lifetime. And who better to get those fabulous memories for Insta & SnapChat sake! #FriendshipsNeverDie

Daddy, Mommy, Bunty, Sweety.. I love you all even more!

Staying away from family and friends only brings you closer to them. You will learn to value their presence in your life so much more! Those sibling pillow-fights, mums yelling, dads angry glance, ego clashes with pals, all will fade out, turning you into that more mature and loving individual, who respects all the people he/shes been blessed with. #LoveMyAddamsFamily

Little things- Big Respect!

All the tiny little tidbits that you took for granted all your life, will gain so much respect from you! Your moms cooking, the big fat closet filled with clothes and shoes, the smooth payments of your phone bills without your knowledge, the little pocket-money daddy gave you to splurge on, and so many other things that you clearly ignored, will have newfound respect! Even a rare sound of your national anthem on foreign land, will fill you up with pride, love and respect for your home country! Wait until you get there! After all, its the little nothings that make up everything in life. So respect it and suit up! #RespectAndNothing

Adventure is the spice of life!

Driving through scenic highways, packing all your life in one suitcase, trying out newer activities, handling unexpected situations adventure comes in varied forms. All you need is the will and tact to deal with it. And studying abroad, gives you all the power you need to do so! #PowerOfAdventure

Dream Job.. Here I Come!

Whether its a dream job or a dream business that you are chasing, studying abroad only brings you closer to it. A foreign university/college degree, on-the job experience, money-wise mindset, improved language skills and knowledge of worldly ways, only add up to making a meaty CV, making you the apt contender for that heavy-duty paycheck or a great catch for that dream business financier. #DreamFactory

Oh! I didnt know this about me!

Whilst youre at it. doing what you went for in foreign land somewhere in the middle of studying, chilling with friends, learning a new skill, trying newer adventures, managing your daily life you will stumble upon so many aspects of your own personality, that you never knew existed! Yes! Thats what it is Wow! Im so good at this! Wow! I suck at this! Wow! I totally nailed it! All along, a newer version of you! #NewMeInTown


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